Reflect to detect!

The Reflective Address Sign Program provides high quality reflective signs that have been approved by CAL FIRE Lake Napa Unit and the Yolo County Fire Chiefs Association. The signs properly mark homes so they are easy to locate in any emergency regardless of visibility conditions. 

Why is a reflective address sign needed?

Yolo County Fire Safe Council is offering free reflective signs for properties in the high fire areas of Western Yolo County including areas west of Winters, Esparto, and communities throughout the Capay Valley. These reflective signs are visible in smoky conditions and at night, allowing emergency officials to find your home in case of an evacuation, before or during a fire. CALFIRE and Yolo County Fire Chief Commission approved, these signs are 6 inches by 24 inches and UV resistant metal with white numbers. 

When Seconds Count, Be Sure Your Home Is Visible

Signs are fade resistant, last for years, and can easily be installed on mailboxes or posts. These signs continue to help first responders even after your home is evacuated by helping them orient themselves when smoke conditions make it difficult. Not only do they help during a fire, they also help visitors easily locate your home, day or night.

Considerations for Mounting Your Address Sign:

Signs can be posted on an existing post or mailbox. Pre-drilled holes make mounting easy. If needed, YCFSC provides signposts and hardware along with address signs. These sign posts allow for double-sided signs with numbers visible from both directions. However, in some locations, a double-sided sign isn’t sufficient to ensure that signs are visible from both directions of a road. In those cases, two separate signs can be created!

To request an address sign, fill out the YCFSC Reflective Address Sign Form below.

Proper Sign Postage

  • Signs must be visible for 100 feet in both directions of a road. 
  • Be sure your signs are posted at a height that headlights will illuminate the sign.
  • Signs should be posted near the entrance of a driveway. 
  • Post twice if you have a long driveway- once at the entrance and again closer to the home.
  • Don’t post signs where it can be blocked by tree limbs or bushes.
  • Keep signs uncovered throughout the year. Be sure to pull weeds and remove debris.

Request a Free Address Sign Below:

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