Getting ready for an evacuation begins before a wildfire strikes. For those living in the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI), you can prepare your home for wildfire by taking steps to harden your home and the surrounding landscapes.  You can prepare yourself and your family for wildfire by ensuring you have a plan for evacuation.

Create a Wildfire Action Plan

Pre-fire planning consists of mapping out and practicing the steps for a safe evacuation. Before a fire: 

  • Sign up to receive local emergency alerts and warnings on all devices.
  • Know Yolo County’s evacuation plans
  • Plan an evacuation route away from your home and other alternative routes in case wildfire closes your main route.
  • Choose a designated contact that lives out of the area as a point of contact for all family members in case of separation. The designated contact will be in charge of contacting others since phone, cell, and internet systems can be overloaded during a fire.
  • For other evacuation planning considerations, like small children or older adults, visit CALFIRE’s Family Preparedness Page.

Be prepared to leave quickly by: 

  • Having fire extinguishers on hand with training for how they are properly used.
  • Ensuring family members know where gas, electric, and water main shut off controls are located and how they can safely be turned off in an emergency. 
  • Assembling an Emergency Supply Kit for each person. Don’t forget your pets!
  • Having a portable radio or scanner to stay up to date on the fire.

In the event of an evacuation warning:

  • Keep gas tanks in vehicles at least half full and parked in an open space facing the direction of escape.
  • Pre-pack the car with water, nonperishable food, clothes, important photos, and important documents.
  • Charge all cell phones and devices.
  • Remove flammable window shades or curtains and close metal shutters. 
  • Move flammable furniture to the center of the room away from windows and doors.
  • For steps to take outside the home, visit CALFIRE’s Pre-Evacuation Preparation Steps.

In the event of an evacuation order:

  • Turn off air conditioning.
  • Shut all doors and windows, leaving them unlocked. 
  • Wear wildfire appropriate attire (made of natural fibers) to cover up against heat and embers  (e.g., cotton, wool, sturdy boots, and N95 mask).
  • Leave immediately when told to evacuate.

Know Your Zone

Find your evacuation zone on the Yolo County Office of Emergency Services map:

Smoke from a wildfire outside Winters, CA.