The Yolo Prescribed Burn Association (PBA) is a community- driven network centered around education and training to help land managers put “good fire” back in the ecosystem. Prescribed burning is a cost effective and useful management tool that can reduce fuels on the land, mitigate extreme fire behavior, maintain and regenerate desired vegetation, improve forage quality and quantity, and promote a healthy ecosystem. Unlike high intensity wildfires, prescribed burning is the controlled application of fire under pre-planned management objectives and precise environmental conditions.

In 2021, the Yolo County RCD received funding from CAL FIRE’s California Climate Investments Fire Prevention Program Grant for the development of the Yolo Prescribed Burn Association. The goal of the PBA is to educate and train landowners and residents in the Yolo County area to become proficient at prescribed burning for use as a land management tool in their own communities. The Yolo PBA will be holding multiple informational, educational workshops for landowners and interested parties. Additionally, the PBA will coordinate and lead demonstration burns facilitated by an experienced fire practitioner.

A map of Prescribed Burn Associations throughout California.

“Prescribed burn associations build a community of engaged land managers with the goal of ecosystem improvement and land management resilience.” 

To get involved and stay up to date with the PBA, please complete the form below. For more information about the Yolo Prescribed Burn Association, visit the Yolo County RCD website’s PBA Resources webpage or contact:

Bailey Adams, PBA Coordinator

(530) 661-1688

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Funding for the Yolo Prescribed Burn Association is provided by CAL FIRE’s California Climate Investments Wildfire Prevention Grant Program.