Working alongside the Yolo County Fire Safe Council throughout the county are Community Fire Safe Councils. These local fire safe councils are grassroots, resident-led groups that work to create more fire resilient neighborhoods. Nearly 150 communities throughout California have created Fire Safe Councils to protect their homes and neighborhoods from wildfire. In Yolo County, there are currently two local Fire Safe Councils- both located in high fire areas of Western Yolo County. 

Each neighborhood and community are different- consisting of different people and different challenges. Local Fire Safe Councils know the unique challenges their community faces. Acting as an umbrella organization for the county, the YCFSC works with local Fire Safe Councils to implement projects such as wildfire protection planning, hazardous fuels reduction projects, and capacity building trainings like Defensible Space Assessments. 

Local FSCs mobilize their community and neighbors to protect their homes and the environment from wildfire. The Yolo County Fire Safe Council brings diverse stakeholders from community Fire Safe Councils, local officials, and fire agencies together. A county-wide effort, the YCFSC provides an avenue for community learning and advocacy to accomplish the common objective of protecting our homes and communities from catastrophic wildfire. 

A map of Yolo County community Fire Safe Councils

Local Fire Safe Councils in Yolo County

West Winters FSC

WWFSC consists of landowners west of Road 87D outside of the City of Winters, north to Bobcat Ranch, and west to the Yolo County border.

Capay Valley FSC

CVFSC (also known as the Capay Valley Emergency Response Auxiliary) is a sponsored organization of the Capay Valley Volunteer Fire Department.

Does your neighborhood need a Fire Safe Council?

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