Members of the Yolo County Fire Safe Council are organizations, entities, or groups, and not individuals. Members can either be voting or non-voting members. To be eligible to be a voting member of the Yolo County Fire Safe Council, the organization, entity, or group must: 

  • Have at least 10 members; or have been in existence and active in Yolo County for at least one year; or must be a local Fire Safe Council, Prescribed Burn Association, Firewise Community, or other similar fire-related community group and;
  • Have a mailing address, and/or own or manage property in Yolo County, or have a clearly demonstrable vested interest in Yolo County and;
  • Be supportive of the Council’s Purpose and Mission as stated in these bylaws and;
  • Be not for-profit.

Organizations, entities, or groups that are not eligible for voting membership, or that do not wish to be voting members, may apply to be non-voting members of the Council.

Voting Members

Non-Voting Members