THE YOLO COUNTY FIRE SAFE COUNCIL reduces the risk of wildfire to protect the people, property, and ecological and cultural resources in both urban and rural communities throughout the county from the effects of catastrophic wildfire through education, cooperation, innovation, and action.

The urban epicenters of Yolo County include West Sacramento, Davis, Woodland, and Winters. Although largely known for the expansive agricultural fields surrounding these communities, Yolo County contains beautiful habitat and plant communities that are indicative of the Central Valley. Putah Creek and Cache Creek run through Yolo County carving riparian habitat through agricultural zones. Between West Sacramento and Davis, the Yolo Bypass is a key component of the Pacific Flyway providing a migratory linkage for birds. In western Yolo County, the Blue Ridge’s oak woodland and chaparral are home to iconic Valley Oaks, Blue Oaks, and Common Manzanita. 

With these beautiful habitats comes fire risk if not managed properly. Yolo County is no stranger to wildfire. At number six on the list of largest wildfires in California, the LNU Lightning Complex Fire burned for weeks destroying homes and impacting air quality, habitat, and peace of mind. In Capay Valley where the communities of Rumsey, Guinda, Brooks, and Capay reside, wildfire has burned the western edge of the valley in the past four consecutive fire seasons. In the southwest of Yolo County, the landscape of West Winters has the highest fire return interval in the state, burning six out of the past seven years. 

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Yolo County FSC Members

Members of the Yolo County Fire Safe Council are organizations, entities, or groups, and not individuals. Members can either be voting or non-voting members.

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Yolo County Fire Safe Council monthly meetings occur on the fourth Wednesday of every month and are open to the public. Meetings are held via Zoom.

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YCFSC was formed in 2021, with coordination between the Yolo County Resource Conservation District and Yolo County Office of Emergency Services, to provide support for wildfire prevention, wildfire response, and post-fire recovery efforts in Yolo County. Our purpose is to:

  • Serve as a forum for the development, update, and implementation of the Yolo County Community Wildfire Protection Plan
  • Share fire safety information
  • Assess fire risk
  • Promote community fire safe planning and coordination
  • Promote fire management that supports ecological and cultural integrity
  • Support fire services and local Fire Safe Councils, Prescribed Burn Associations, Firewise Communities, and other similar fire related community groups
  • Seek available funding for proposed and approved projects to make Yolo County safe from wildfires

Yolo County FSC Bylaws

Our bylaws describe the structure, policies, procedures, and other governance elements of the Yolo County Fire Safe Council.

Yolo County FSC Meeting Minutes