Yolo and Solano County Fire Safe Councils Seek Licensed Contractors for Resident Resources List

The Yolo County Fire Safe Council (FSC), coordinated by the Yolo County Resource Conservation District (RCD), and the Solano FSC, coordinated by the Solano RCD, are developing a bi-county online resource directory for residents to easily access local licensed contractors and consultants who provide services relating to wildfire protection and preparedness.

Yolo County FSC seeks qualified consultants and contractors to support Yolo County residents’ efforts for wildfire and community resilience. Yolo County FSC’s goal is to improve our community’s wildfire resilience by increasing defensible space, improving evacuation and emergency access routes, home hardening and retrofitting and fire safe landscaping.

The purpose of this solicitation is to build a public database of qualified professionals for Yolo and Solano County residents and landowners. Yolo County FSC requests experience and qualifications information from contractors who provide wildfire and community resiliency services including:

  • Home Retrofitting: gutter cleaning, vent blocking, zone cleaning, window replacement, home siding replacement, roofing replacement, deck board replacement, garage retrofitting, chimney retrofitting (metal step flashing installation), installation of noncombustible fencing, ember resistant retrofitting
  • Wildfire Fuels Reduction Activities: Weed whacking, mowing, limb removal and chipping (or other debris disposal), tree felling, brush removal, chainsaw work, arborist consulting and specialty tree work around homes, defensible space assessments, general vegetation management and clearing (including herbicide application)

Yolo County FSC seeks credentialed professionals including certified arborists, licensed herbicide applicators, registered professional foresters, licensed contractors, licensed timber operators, and certified archaeologists.

Any qualified consultant or contractor interested in working with Yolo and/or Solano County residents on wildfire and community resiliency efforts may submit their information for consideration of inclusion in the Yolo-Solano Wildfire Resources Directory by filling out the google form available here: www.tinyurl.com/yolofiresafeRFQ.