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Working alongside the county-wide Yolo County Fire Safe Council are local, community-driven Fire Safe Councils. These regionally specific councils are grassroots groups led by residents that work to create more resilient neighborhoods. In Yolo County, there are currently two local Fire Safe Councils, both located in high fire areas of Western Yolo County. Find your local FSC and get involved to make your community more wildfire resilient today! 

Local Fire Safe Councils

The Local Impact of Wildfire

Climate change and rising temperatures are creating conditions for devastating wildfires. More intense fires are leaving larger burn scars that threaten communities and harm air quality. Science tells us the best way to reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfire is to implement hazardous fuels reduction, home hardening and ecosystem restoration projects especially within the wildland-urban interface.  

  • In 2020, the fire season in the western US cost $17.9 billion.
  • Since 2015, wildfires in Yolo County have been increasing in size. 
  • About ¼ of the total acres in Yolo County are at risk for wildfire. 
  • West Winters, located in Yolo County, has the highest fire return interval in the state, burning the past six out of seven years.

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About the Yolo County FSC

The Yolo County Fire Safe Council provides support for wildfire prevention, wildfire response, and post-fire recovery by implementing projects outlined in the Yolo County Community Wildfire Protection Plan. YCFSC is composed of diverse stakeholders and is coordinated by the Yolo County Resource Conservation District.